Factory supply

Factory supply to lively Collection

Finally Lively Collection bulk production is in the house! It was waiting about two weeks at the Dutch douane, as I suddenly had to organize different import documents at the very last minute. Clothing, import & rules makes my work challenging. I love that! Off to the next step!

Next step for the webshop, shooting day!

Lively Collection foto shoot

Next step for Lively Collection, shooting day for the webshop!

Girls on a mission

Girls on a mission

Lively Collection has been asked to join the group ‘Girls on a mission’. The group is about female entrepreneurs with ‘a mission’ and who follow their hearts. Their aim is to inspire other people to do the same. I feel blessed to be a part of this group! See more at Girls on a mission ( Dutch website).

First stock in Europe arrives soon!

First stock Lively Collection

First Lively Collection stock for to The Netherlands! Packed last week the whole afternoon with the Thai Cargo staff in Bangkok, to organize the first shipping for Lively Collection stock. So much fun with them.


Private sales

Lively Collection

At the moment, Lively Collection is available at suggested stores (please see ‘where to buy‘).

We are working to open up an international webshop for private sales. If you would like to to buy Lively Collection items richt now, please contact us by email. We love making our customers happy and will do our best to manage small private orders, even before the webshop is launched.