Lively Collection aims to fairness.


Fairness in a good work envoriment for all staff that is part of production of Lively Collection. The factories are checked at safety and healthy envoriment and work conditions before building business relationships.

Fair payment

Fairness in salary; all human beings who conduce to make Lively Collection a product are paid in appreciation. All efforts and energy is paid to valuation and properly.

Fair treatment

Treat others who you would like to be treated. We are all one in life.

Be honest, everyone loves to buy good quality clothing for a responsible price. Actually do we often forget that there are many different steps that a garment must undergo before it is ready for sale. During this whole process are lots of people working hard to made the garment to a final quality product. Also this people work hard to gain the life they want. Lively Collection is a brand based on fairness and respect and will pay everyone for their efforts. This means when you buy clothing off Lively Collection, you can be guaranteed they are produced in healthy and safe work conditions where everyone is paid with respect. This respectful way of working do you find back in the prices.