Lively Collection fabrics

As human beings we are unique in our own way and we all have our own preferences and needs. At, Lively Collection, we try to accommodate everyone’s needs and preferences in the collection. This is the reason why Lively Collection consist of many different kind of fabrics.
Lively Collection has chosen good quality fabrics with full awareness. Lots of yoga clothing is made of thin material, which is actually good as the fabric will not be to warm during your practice. A disadvantage of this choice of material, however, is the item is mostly transparent especially when you are in one the most beautiful yoga poses.
At Lively Collection we want to avoid this and that is why we have chosen a thicker and high quality sport fabric, perfect for each work out.

Find a description of each specific fabric below.

  • Dry fit

    90% Polyster (sand scrub) & 10% Spandex / Elastane

    Dry fit is a special fabric to use for yoga and sport wear. As the name mentions, the fabric will dry quickly and there will be no uncomfortable perspiration during a hard work out.
    There are several fabric combinations to make a dry fit fabric. Lively Collection has deliberately chosen for the combination of Polyster and Spandex / Elastane. The softness of the Polyster makes the fabric comfortable and suitable along the body. The good quality take care that you can practice your yoga without worries about visible underwear. A finishing of ‘sand scrub’ is added to the Polyester fabric. This has the benefit to have a dry fit that looks like cotton instead of the traditional shinny appearance. As a result, Lively Collection offers outstanding quality combining elegance and comfort.

  • Cotton

    90% Cotton & 10% Spandex/ Elastane

    The combination of this fabric is special chosen for different reasons. The high percentage of cotton in this fabric takes care that the fabric is thick enough to avoid transparently. The percentage of the Spandex/ Elastane that is add in this fabric guaranteed that the material is elastic enough and suitable along the body. With practicing yoga and with any type of work out do we need to move freely and not to be stick in our clothing. This stretchy material give you all the freedom to move without boundaries. It will let you move free and comfortable.

  • Viscose & Spandex

    95% Viscose & 10% Spandex 

    Viscose & Spandex is a very soft material and feels like a pyama along the body. Lively Collection has chosen to use this type of fabric to made Lively vest, scarfts, yoga over pants and other comfortable items. The material give you such a comfortable feeling that you do not will take of this clothing item anymore.